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The New YouTube Academy

Step-by-step methods that MAKE MONEY!

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  • Don't think I can make money doing YouTube
  • Taken other "expert" courses with no result
  • Watched hundreds of other YouTube "expert" videos with no result
  • Feel YouTube is NOT a viable way to make a money
  • Don't know how to get monetized quickly
  • Feel I have nothing to offer viewers
  • Think the YouTube market is "saturated" with content I have to offer
  • Channel isn't growing
  • Videos aren't being watched
  • Don't have the time to make videos
  • Need better equipment to produce quality videos
  • Only big YouTubers make real money at this


You will learn STEP-BY-STEP strategies I have used to consult and grow personal, brand, and business YouTube channels that help them reach their goals.

Heard that before? THIS IS DIFFERENT!

I can save you the pain of starting a new You Tube channel and getting it working - FAST!

For existing YouTube channels - aren't you tired of working hard on it, watching it go nowhere, and not making any money at it?


I share secrets in this course NO ONE ELSE TELLS YOU that can DOUBLE and TRIPLE your views, subscribers, and money, THAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW!


  • Know you can make money with YouTube
  • Know what's B,S, and what's not
  • Know what to concentrate on and ditch the other hundreds of things that are a complete waste of your time
  • Have confidence that YouTube IS a viable way to make a money
  • Get monetized quickly
  • Offer value to viewers
  • Myth bust YouTube being "saturated"
  • Grow your channel
  • Get affiliate money rolling
  • Make videos that are watched
  • Use the equipment you already have
  • Make two, five and even then times the amount of money you are now
  • Make five and even six-figures as a YouTuber


You might be a business, brand, artist, photographer, filmmaker, fundraiser, group, band, or individual who wants a successful YouTube channel. Maybe you have 50,000 subscribers or are starting from scratch.

Maybe you’ve taken the courses, watched the videos, listened to advice, spent your money, yet, can't get your channel seen, videos watched, passions promoted, and money made.

Worse, you've been told you CAN'T MAKE MONEY doing a YouTube channel.


Let's throw away all the other B.S. you've heard, learn these EXACT 20 TECHNIQUES to your beginning or existing YouTube channel, and MAKE IT GROW - FAST!


Don't have the equipment? Not good on camera? IT DOESN'T MATTER! EVERYTHING you need is here.

I can state WITHOUT RESERVATION that you will double, triple (and more) your subscribers, views, and income, as long as you apply the principles given in this course.

The is NOT just another YouTube course - IT GETS PROVEN RESULTS!

NOTE: If you're not convinced, that's OK., and I suggest you do not enroll in the course. I'm not here to SELL you, I'm here to help you succeed.


  • Learn the EXACT 20 secrets to starting your YouTube channel (and no, many of these you HAVE NOT heard these before)
  • KNOW what to do and what NOT to waste time on
  • Learn how to get YouTube to PROMOTE YOUR VIDEOS FOR YOU
  • Know the worthless myths and WORKABLE RESULTS
  • Get your channel up and running QUICKLY
  • Get your channel monetized QUICKLY
  • Create an army of LOYAL SUBSCRIBERS AND VIEWERS who will help you grow
  • Learn the TRUTHS about affiliates, collaborations, multi-channel networks, and sponsors
  • Learn HACKS AND SECRETS big channels and even YouTube never tells you
  • and GROW YOUR CHANNEL to a four, five, and even SIX-FIGURE INCOME


⏬ Not convinced? See testimonials, course curriculum, bio, and more below. ⏬


"I am actually stunned! No bull, just mind blown! I know of others that have taken paid courses on how to "MAKE IT BIG ON YOUTUBE" and they were left feeling like there was more questions now than when they started. I have had a YouTube channel for many years now and after going through the course, I understand how WRONG I was doing it. There are so many things passed on here that I have NEVER seen in the countless hours of videos I have forced myself to sit through. I think this is probably the best money spent towards my channel...EVER. I will be reviewing this information over and over again. THANK YOU Kevin for creating this course and I for sure will be referring everyone I know to Basic Filmmaker University!"
"Wow. WOW! I've just binge-watched the whole thing with a view to watch it all then watch again. It seems like every conceivable angle has been covered in this super useful course. I've watched a few online courses and I can honestly say I have never encountered such enthusiasm in the delivery. Combined with to-the-point concise imparting of knowledge and cutting through the BS is truly refreshing. Fantastic! " - Steve
"For anyone reading this, if you are new to YouTube or have been around a while and nothing much has happened on the audience front, this course is excellent. Kevin is right up front, blunt and sharp with his point-making. No B.S! It is honestly very inspiring and makes you feel like you’re no longer on your own in what can seem like a cold, lonely environment to new people. It has really inspired and invigorated me with enthusiasm!" -- YouTube Audio Channel
"I have spent hundreds of hours reading books and watching online how-to videos. This course is one on the best I have ever watched. The videos were clear, concise and personable and I felt a personal connection as if you were talking to me. You came off honest, credible and inspiring and presented a realistic plan that works and without any BS razzle-dazzle hype. This course is well worth the money." -- YouTube DIY Channel
"Wow! I've spent YEARS trying to get my YouTube channel working. There are a bazillion 'expert' opinions - even the ones from YouTube "consultants" just don't work. I thought it was ME! I've made more progress on my YouTube channel in the LAST MONTH, than I have in the past 5 years. THANK YOU!" -- YouTube Photography Channel
"I've been experimenting with YouTube for years. This was like taking everything and putting it all in one place - in one giant, cohesive, folder. Totally worth the price of admission! This is a road map of what to do and how to do it. I wish I had this when I started! Thank you!" -- YouTube Puppeteer Channel
"One of the greatest things about you is that you take the time for your viewers and students more than anyone else I know. I will be watching for as long as you make them - they are just stunning every time and never lack knowledge or humor!" -- YouTube Filmmaking Channel

Here’s What You Get

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Your Instructor

Kevin (Basic Filmmaker)
Kevin (Basic Filmmaker)



I'm Kevin, and many know me as the "Basic Filmmaker."

I'm more interested in what other people have to say than I am talking about myself, but you're reading this so you most likely want some creds,

Cool. Here you go...


For over 30 years I've trained tens of thousands of people on the basics of just about everything using a teaching method that is simple, effective, hands-on, and fun.

I've been able to maintain multiple careers in filmmaking, commercials, education, design, fundraising, music, and published author.

I was the President and Dean of a company's "university" which developed all internal/external courses and corporate training programs; ran a successful company consulting and training CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, directors, and actors/actresses from over 13 different countries; contributed to the design and development of management, educational, and video editing software programs, and completed over 1,000 training programs and internships.

I've produced over 500 commercials, instructional videos, non-profit fundraising properties (which helped make tens of millions of dollars), produced hundreds of training videos for clients, published books, and narrated audiobooks for Amazon.


I run the Basic Filmmaker YouTube channel (among others) which has 100,000+ subscribers growing rapidly every day. I'm proud to say on that channel alone, close to 5 million people the world over have watched nearly 20 million minutes of my instructional videos.

I maintain another YouTube channel, a closed Facebook group, various social media channels, and of course, Basic Filmmaker University, which provides thousands of creators assets, consulting, training, and online courses to help them succeed.

And...I'm done! :)

Kevin (Basic Filmmaker)

💰 You'll EASILY make 10 to 100 TIMES the course price. 💰

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
It's ready the second you enroll. You can start right away, or take as much time as you want.
How long do I have access to the course?
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Let us know within the first 7 days, and we'll give you a full refund.
How long does the course take?
About 4 hours, although you can take as long as you want (it remembers where you are, so you can return anytime and continue where you left off).
Who is the course designed for?
Businesses and individuals alike can take the course. All you need is a strong desire to succeed on YouTube.
Can I become super popular and rich in one week on YouTube with this course?
No. This isn't some "get rich quick" scheme. You will learn real step-by-step strategies you didn't know which you have to apply. If you're looking to buy success without doing anything, this course is not for you.
Are there any prerequisites for the course?
A burning drive to finally do something you love to do and make money doing it.
What do I need to watch the course?
Any device - phones, tablets, computers or TVs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.
What if I feel I have nothing special to offer?
Then you and I need to have a talk. Enroll now.
Do I need to spend money on cameras, lights, microphones, and more to get started.
No. I cover all this in the course.
What if I have another question?
Email me: [email protected]

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