In this course, learn everything you need to know about monitors, what to look for, and how to use them.

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MONITORS - so many KINDS, so many TERMS, so many FEATURES.

How do you know if you need a monitor, what kind to get, what a good monitor is, and what to spend your money on?

That's why I created this mini-course - so YOU could learn everything you need to know about these nifty little devices, which hook up to your camera so you SEE your shots, and NAIL your shots!

I walk you through the basics, step-by-step, and SHOW YOU EVERYTHING you need to know about monitors:

PURPOSE: To transform the student into someone who understands what a monitor is, why they are needed, what features to look for when considering a purchase, and how to use one to create better films and videos.

LENGTH: 56:46


Video and Movie Creators, Filmmakers, YouTubers, Gear Enthusiasts, Gear and Monitor Companies, Students

"Wow! Not only did I get a thorough understanding of monitors and why one would need them, but this improved my editing too! I had no idea what all those graphs and scopes were! You should of charged a LOT for this course, and I would have gladly paid it!" - Terra
"This course is concise, non-technobabbly, gives you what you need, why you need it, and what you should be looking for. Great stuff!" - Alexander
"Thanks for both the course and the review. Very convincing! Now I know what to save up for." - Sigrid

Your Instructor

Kevin (a.k.a. the Basic Filmmaker)
Kevin (a.k.a. the Basic Filmmaker)

For over 30 years, Kevin (a.k.a. the Basic Filmmaker) has trained tens of thousands on the basics of just about everything using a teaching method that is simple, effective, hands-on, and fun.

He continues to maintain multiple careers in filmmaking, commercials, education, design, fundraising, music, and writing.

Kevin runs the popular YouTube filmmaking channel The Basic Filmmaker with nearly 75,000 subscribers. and provides online training to thousands of students at Basic Filmmaker University.

"I believe anyone has the ability to understand and use what they learn as long as I do my job. I hold any educator (including myself) accountable to that standard." -- Kevin, the Basic Filmmaker

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